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About the Princess

Isabella is not your ordinary princess. She has learned that she is a daughter of the Creator of the universe, the King of kings!

Now, she can’t wait to share her special message that, “You too are a princess – God’s unique and beautiful daughter!”

Isabella lives with her mom, dad, little brother, and of course, her precious pekingese, Lizzie. She enjoys many different activities such as baking, dancing, riding horses and having tea parties!  But her favorite thing is dressing up in her fanciest princess dress and wearing her pearls because they remind her that she is a beautiful treasure greatly loved by her Heavenly Daddy!

Isabella and Lizzie are looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing many adventures with you in The Princess … The Pearls … and the Pekingese! She hopes you will join her and …

“Dance, twirl and always wear your pearls…
’cause God says you’re beautiful and you’re His precious girl!”

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