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About the Pekingese

While the Pekingese may be small, it is definitely not short on personality! These fearless and delightfully amusing little lap dogs date back to the ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty and were known to have sat inside the oversized sleeves of the emperor’s robe. It was forbidden and punishable by death for anyone to own them other than the Imperial Family.

In 1860 when the British army invaded the Chinese palace in the Forbidden City, the palace attendants were ordered to kill all of the pekingese to prevent their capture. It is said that during the chaos of the invasion, five pekingese escaped and were found hiding by the British soldiers. These five pekingese survivors were rescued and brought back to England and presented to Queen Victoria where they became an instant sensation among the British nobility.

photo-3The Pekingese is known as the “little lion dog” due to its regal stature and brave personality. It is loyal and extremely protective of its family and does not readily accept strangers. It is primarily an indoor dog, does not require much exercise and can become easily overheated.

It is happiest when relaxing in its owner’s lap or on a big comfy chair. These dogs are very intelligent but can be stubborn and sometimes difficult to train. They respond best to patient and gentle encouragement and lots of treats!

The Pekingese is rather long with broad shoulders and short bowed legs. It has a large wide head and flat face with large expressive eyes that are mostly unprotected and may therefore require more careful handling than other breeds. It has velvety soft hair that is short on the face and head and is feathered on the ears, legs and tail. The thick, long coat and mane require regular grooming.

The “Peke” is a wonderfully funny, loyal and protective companion! You can find out more about this breed and many others online. Look for the funny antics of the Pekingese in The Princess … The Pearls … and The Pekingese.


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